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Raypath UK provides an environmentally friendly cleaning system that utilises just water, eliminating the requirement for conventional cleaning tools and supplies. Our cutting-edge cleaning cloths perform effectively with just water, ensuring a neutral impact on both human health and the environment. We are dedicated to adhering to the Zero Waste philosophy. We are based in Crawley.

Eco Cleaning with Just Water

For inquiries or to schedule a demonstration of our Cleaning System, please contact us at +44 7985 417236. We are based in Crawley.

NanoSilver Technology

The NanoSilver Technology system's distinctive characteristics stem from the unique composition of its cleaning products. These cleaners are composed of microfibers with a thickness of 20 micrometers, akin to human hair. 

Natural & Biodegradable

At our company, we actively promote waste segregation as a means of transforming discarded materials into valuable resources, thereby contributing to a circular economy.

Our Eco-Friendly Story

For nearly three decades, we have dedicated ourselves to the production of eco-friendly cleaning cloths that actively contribute to reducing the consumption of chemical substances in households. The configuration of the NanoSilver Technology in our cleaning products features a groove that effectively traps and concentrates dirt, preventing its transfer to the cleaned surface. During the washing process, the dirt is effortlessly rinsed away, ensuring the fibers remain pristine. Notably, the structure of these fibers undergoes gradual wear and tear with usage, resulting in enhanced dirt absorption capabilities.

Furthermore, the incorporation of silver nanoparticles into the fibers imparts bacteriostatic properties. These nanoparticles possess the remarkable ability to eliminate a wide range of pathogenic viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms by targeting their DNA. The efficacy of these cleaners has been demonstrated to persist even after numerous washing cycles.

Our Cleaning Products

furry cream cleaning glove

Cleaning Gloves

The  universal fabric has the highest cleaning ability and is intended for surfaces that can withstand contact with water, such as windows, sanitary fixtures, glass surfaces, doors, hard floors, taps, bath taps and cars.

bright blue sunbeam clothe

Sunbeam Cloths

Sunbeam cloth shows extremely high absorption capacity due to its dense fibers structure. It removes water and emulsion residues after using the white and beige material giving a perfect shine to cleaned surface

white soap


Contains colloidal silver. Designed for body cleansing and daily face and skin care, also recommended for washing our ecological products. 

white furry face glove

Face Gloves

Face gloves guarantee a perfect cleansing effect. Removes bacteria, dirt, dead skin cells and excess sebum, as well as gives the skin a delicate massage improving blood circulation

NanoSilver Products


Take a look at our 5 star reviews from our past customers!

'Great quality products! Saved my sofa and desk chair! Great customer service from Alex cannot recommend enough! Thank you again!'

- Megan M, Facebook Review

'My windows have never been so clean!'
'Great quality products, not only effective for cleaning, but also for those of us who like looking after health. Anyone can use these goods, people with sensitive skin. Great result, but the main thing is that I have no problems with my skin, such as rashes or irritations.

- Macie G, Facebook Review

Dew Drops

Get In Touch

For further enquiries or to learn more about our natural and biodegradable cleaning solutions, please contact us at 07985 417236. Our team of experts will be delighted to assist you and provide you with comprehensive information about our products and services.

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