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Design to remove even stubborn dirt WITHOUT DETERGENTS.

It allows complete, easy and efficient way to wash your care in and out. Our cloths can easily access hard to reach places to remove the most stubborn dirt. Enjoy clear, smudge-free windows and mirrors. 

Not only will this set help clean your car, it also prevents the re-accumulation of dirt and dust for a long time. 

Our cloths have been made of purposefully selected nanofiber to ensure that they do not scratch the delicate surfaces of a car while ensuring effective cleaning without the use of detergents.


The cloths should be used with clean water only, without the use of any detergents. Water temperature does not impact its effectiveness.


Before using for the first time, the cloths should be washed 3 times (no detergents) by hand or in a washing machine to activate. On a short program up to 60°C (pink cleaners should be put in only for the third wash), max spin 800. This way, the fiber will be rinsed out and open, ready to use.


Do not allow dirty cloths to dry, it may damage the fiber. If this happens they should be soaked in clean water and then washed.


Wash by hand using NanoSiler antibacterial soap or in a washing machine at a temperature of up to 60°C max spin 800, using any washing powder or our natural washing gels, without fabric softener. Avoid drying in automatic dryers or over heaters, as this may damage the fiber.


What's in the box:

  • White Car Glove 1
  • White NOVA Car Glove 1
  • Pink Car Glove 1
  • Sunbeam Car Cloth XL 1

700 - Car Cleaning Set


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