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Window Express

Universal White Glove M

Sunbeam Blue 38x41cm


Keep your windows, shower cabins,and glass panels clean and shiny without hassle, using nanofibers and water only.

Wash the surface with the cloth attached at the front of the Window Express, then use the robber blade to remove water, whipping it with the Sunbeam after every pass. Use the Sunbeam cloth to wipe the edges where the rubber blade was unable to remove the excess water.

Using the Universal White Glove, you can clean the windows frames, doors, or fittings around the glass panels.


Wash by hand using a bar of soap or in washing machine at a temperature 40-60ºC, max spin 800, without fabric softener.

After washing, hang out to dry.

* Don't foregate to activate the white and blue material before first use

692 - Mini Window Set


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