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  • Face Glove
  • Gloden Ray Face cream
  • Natural Soap


Face Glove - removing make-up and skin impurities with nothing but water.

Wet the glove, wash your face after that, wash the glove with our natural soap and hung out to dry.


GoldenRay - Intense biostimulation 300ml

Active repair cream for mature skin, highly rejuvenating composition. Thanks to highly concentrated active ingredients it replenishes the skin with all the substances otherwise naturally lost through the aging process.


Syn®-Col, Hyaluronic acid, Elastin, Calcium, copper and silicon, Centella Asiatica - known as Indian Youth Potion, Inulin


Natural Soap with Nanosilver

  • excellent cleaning properties
  • anti-bacterial, virucidal and fungicidal action
  • hypoallergenic - manufactured from fats and oils of vegetable origin only - non-irritable, soothes inflammation, helps maintaining natural pH of the skin
  • environmentally friendly
  • prevents the onset of foot and nail mycosis

690 - Mini Spa Set


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