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Universal White Glove M

Sunbeam Gray 38x41cm

Mini Wipe


Change the way you keep your kitchen clean, use water only and nanofibers.

Universal White Glove and Mini Wipe are for the wet cleaning of any surface resistant to water. You can even wash dishes with it.

Mini Wipe is great to wash fruits and vegetables, as well as to wipe around the kitchen.

Sunbeam comes handy to dry you glasses to achieve streak free shine as well as to dry any surface after the use of white material. Highly absorbent fibers would come handy in any kitchen.

Soap with its natural ingredients is safe to use in the kitchen not only to keep your hands clean but as well to deal with more stubborn dirt to complement the white material.


Wash by hand using bar of soap or in washing machine at a temperature 40-60ºC, max spin 800, without fabric softener.

After washing hang out to dry.

* don't foregate to activate the white and gray material before first use

683 - Starter Set - Kitchen


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