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Size 56x56cm

The sunbeam cloth removes emulsion giving a perfect shine to the cleaned surface. Made of synthetic nanofibers with an average thickness of a few micrometers. It may be used on a different surfaces, without fear of scratching. The cloth is by far more efficient in absorbing dirt, liquids and humidity as compared with the highest quality chamois leather cloth, and due to these features it makes cleaned surfaces shiny, without streaks and scratches.  Its delicate fibrous texture makes it suitable for the cleaning of various devices which are sensitive to ordinary cleaning agents, such as optic glass, computers and electronic appliances.


Wash by hand with a bar of soap or in washing machine at a temperature up to 60ºC without fabric softeners. After washing hang out for drying. Frequently wring it out during cleaning.

409 Sunbeam Cloth XL S 56x56cm


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