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GoldenRay - Intense biostimulation 300ml


Active repair cream for mature skin, highly rejuvenating composition. Thanks to highly concentrated active ingredients it replenishes the skin with all the substances otherwise naturally lost through the aging process.


Syn®-Col - a peptide that restores natural smoothness and suppleness to the skin. Effective on all types of wrinkles, easily penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, boasts outstanding firming and lifting properties.


Hyaluronic acid - a perfect, natural moisturizer, prevents excessive drying of the skin, restores its proper hydration, thereby appreciably enhancing its overall firmness and suppleness.


Elastin - a protein responsible for a young-looking skin. It is well capable of rebuilding the connective tissue and restoring adequate hydration in the skin, visibly improving its suppleness, and granting it a fresh and radiant look.


Calcium, copper and silicon - valuable bio-minerals boasting remarkable regenerative properties for mature skin. They effectively rebuild its deeper layers whilst enhancing its overall resistance to natural aging processes.


Centella Asiatica - known as Indian Youth Potion containing natural plant hormones. It stimulates natural regenerative processes, while at the same time slows down natural aging and promotes elimination of toxic metabolites.


Inulin - a valuable, vegetable pre-biotic. It protects, sustains, and stimulates the growth of natural micro-flora, thereby preventing the skin against irritations. It also boasts moisturizing and conditioning properties.


ACTION: ■ bio-stimulates natural renewal of the skin, enhances its overall suppleness and firmness ■ offers deep and long-lasting moisturising ■ smoothes out the fine lines ■ improves the facial contours through gentle lifting ■ revitalizes, enhances the skin's resistance to aging processes ■ ensures its even tone and radiant look


RESULTS: natural renewal of the skin, while at the same time enhancing its firmness and suppleness. The skin becomes highly rejuvenated, pleasantly relaxed, smooth, exuding a radiant glow. Regular application ensures visible rejuvenating effect.


APPLICATION: Using your fingertips evenly apply a small amount of cream onto your face (previously cleansed with a Face Glove) and leave it there to be naturally absorbed.

2303 - GoldenRay Face Cream


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