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BODY  CLEANER - amazing body exfoliation. Gentle but so effective that you need to be prepared for the WOW effect.

Removes dead skin cells, as well as impurities and excess oil which helps with skin regeneration. Using this glove will prepare your skin to accept the active ingredients of the applied cosmetic. 

Massage removes callous epidermis, strongly improves blood circulation and smoothens and adds elasticity to the skin. 

Great support in case of psoriasis, gently removes excess of the dead skin cells without damaging the delicate skin beneath  

Improves lymphatic circulation supporting the body's detoxifying process. 

Regular use soothes stretch marks and reduces cellulite as well as prevents discoloration of the skin.


HOW TO USE: Wet the glove and massage your body softly in small, circular movements. Dry your skin and then use moisturizer. Adapt frequency of procedures according to skin sensitivity, not more than 2-3 times per week. During the initial phase of the treatment you may notice a slight redness of the skin.


To achieve full body experience use the Body Cleaner together with our Face Cleaner.


HOW TO WASH : After use wash out in water with soap. Machine washable up to a temperature of 60º without softener.

2301 - Body Cleaner - Exfoliation Glove


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