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Designed to clean all dirty surfaces (all types of floors, tiles, walls, wallpaper, windows & mirrors etc.), kitchen and bathroom furnishings (sink, bathtub, fittings & household appliances), as well as TV, computer devices and everything else in the household and office.

Different from traditional methods of cleaning, our Eco Cleaning System uses pure water only. This is a faster, time saving and cost effective cleaning system without the use of chemical agents. Thanks to NanoSilver Technology our fibers can remove bacteria, viruses & mold from all surfaces in the household.


The cloths should be used with clean water only, without the use of any detergents. Water temperature does not impact its effectiveness.


Before using for the first time, the cloths should be washed 3 times (no detergents) by hand or in a washing machine to activate. On a short program up to 60°C (pink cleaners should be put in only for the third wash), max spin 800. This way, the fiber will be rinsed out and open, ready to use.


Do not allow dirty cleaners to dry, it may damage the fiber. If this happens they should be soaked in clean water and then washed.

228 -Mini Set


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