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The pink material is specifically designed to effectively remove dust from various surfaces. It generates an antistatic charge that attracts dust particles, preventing them from dispersing in the air. This antistatic property also significantly slows down the natural process of dust re-deposition on surfaces. The material's versatility extends to polishing tasks. It can be utilised for cleaning household furnishings, plants, electronic appliances, paintings, parquet floors, PVC floor tiles, car interiors and more.

143 - Pink Glove M

  • For optimal cleaning results, use the material dry. During the cleaning process, ensure frequent shaking to eliminate accumulated dust. After cleaning, shake thoroughly or vacuum the material to remove any residual dust. Depending on the level of soiling, occasional washing may be necessary. Manual washing can be done using NanoSilver soap, while machine washing can be performed at a temperature range of 40°C to 60°C with a maximum spin speed of 800. Regular washing powder can be used, but fabric softener should be avoided. Please note that the material should not be dried in automatic dryers or on radiators.

    15 cm x 22 cm

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