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The Beige and White NOVA fabrics are suitable for cleaning surfaces that do not tolerate too much water. They are perfect for the care of wooden and upholstered furniture, as well as for cleaning floors and parquets, electronic equipment, jewelry and even plants!


They are made of 20 micrometre thick microfibres, and their structure is similar to that of a human hair. In practical terms, this means that its profile is a groove into which any dirt is captured and the - refore prevented from being transferred back onto the surface under cleaning . During the washing, any dirt from the groove is very easily rinsed out and the fibres remain clean. As a result of regular use, the surface of the fibre gets slightly damaged, which causes it to open up a bit, although its main structure still remains unaltered, and so it becomes even better suited to absorbing any dirt . It is capable of absorbing even some unpleasant odours . The silver nanoparticles incorporated in the fibres improves the great properties of the fibres. 



Wet the wipe in lukewarm or cold water and wring it out.



Wet fibres break-up dirt in pores of a dirty surface, causing formation of emulsion which should be eventually removed with the sunbeam cloth. The white mini wipe is recommended for cleaning the surfaces of house equipment, carpets, flooring, car bodies, and animal coats and fur.



Wash by hand using soap or in washing machine at a temperature up to 60oC without fabric softeners. After washing hang out for drying.

102 - White Mini Wipe-NOVA


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